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Performance Enablement

Automated Coaching & Measurement
Based on Observation

No Better Way to Observe Job Performance

What are people doing right and wrong?  Has behavior changed?  How do top performers deal with situations differently?

If you have more than a dozen people in a role it's nearly impossible to get a consistent and objective picture of performance.  Most data is anecdotal, and what one supervisor thinks is acceptable another may find to be a problem.  The missing link in your performance system is performance observation.  Our portable, web-based tools and services help you connect performance to outcomes by measuring the behaviors that drive your KPIs.

Data for Decisions

Get objective, consistent observations of behavior.  Decisions people make in job situations can be your first hard evidence for what's working and what's constraining performance, including:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Methodology
  • Situational awareness
    • customer types
    • personas
    • type of interaction
    • industry sectors
    • representative issues and solutions

Less Theory, More Practice

More than knowledge.... Doing a job involves many things all going on at the same time.  Your measurement can capture that, and your training can put it all together.

Move from theory to action in the minds of performers. As they work through stories depicting their jobs, every decision point has many attributes. These attributes can trigger automated coaching to improve their abilities to DO things, not just know things.

We've created training and assessments that observe, measure and provide coaching on several dimensions of behavior.  Rather than following the traditional lecture-recall model, we approach it from the performer's perspective with:

  • Practice in a variety of situations
  • Focused, individualized feedback on their decisions
  • Asynchronous tools that won't interrupt their work
  • Ongoing availability to prepare and reinforce their abilities so they get the most lasting benefit from training events



Off-the-shelf behavior-based measurement,  training,  and Coaching Enablers in:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Coaching

Customized curricula including:

  • Pre-Assessment
  • Information delivery
  • Practice and refinement
  • Post-event behavior measurement
  • Ongoing Reinforcement

Online workforce intelligence and analytics revealing  performance indicators like:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge categories
  • Customer types
  • Situation types
  • Problem identification and solution
  • Adherence to processes or methodologies
  • Goal achievement and outcomes

Interactive exercises for use in blended curricula and facilitated workshops

Specialized tools for complete content design and development or simple tailoring of off-the-shelf content

All are SCORM conformant, portable and use non-proprietary technologies.  They can be easily implemented within your existing curriculum.

You can get big data in a short time because all our products are chunked into short seat times and capture many dimensions of information from each user action.

We have helped large and small organizations in many sectors with services ranging from small consultations to large custom curriculum development and implementation.  We do a lot of custom content development, which sometimes also includes defining behavior-based competency frameworks and connecting behaviors to outcomes using the key performance indicators the organization runs by.  Gvie us a call to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

About Experience Builders ®

We've been in this business since 2000, doing only the kinds of things we're talking about here. We have helped many organizations transform some aspects of their management approaches from stale and ineffective "knowledge" delivery and testing to robust coaching and measurement focused on key abilities to do the job. Some client names you might recognize include:

  • Autodesk
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • MEI
  • Intuit
  • HSBC
  • Keybank
  • Tennant Company
  • Capella University
  • Laureate Education
  • Devry University
  • University of Chicago

Our managers have advanced degrees in fields such as education, computer science, and business, and our authors have the unique ability to create believable narratives that frame decision points in ways that measure behaviors in the dimensions that are important to you. The data generated by these interactive narratives is actionable and connected to your Key Performance Indicators. Our infrastructure is secure and available worldwide. We can collaborate with your team online using our cloud-based tools. We could go on, but nobody learns much from a lecture, so please give us a call +1-847-475-4400 or send us an email and we can start working through your challenges together.

We are developing a partner program for independent professionals and companies looking for tools and infrastructure to offer actionable intelligence based on performance observation for their clients and constituencies. Stay tuned for that.